About Low Tide Kava Bar

sean-and-matt-low-tide-kava-bar.jpgIn the Island of Vanuatu in the South Pacific there is a legend of the man John Frum. In the early 1900's the land of Vanuatu had moved away from many of their traditions of drinking Kava that they had grown accustomed to for thousands of years. A man known only as John Frum was said to have liberated the natives, reuniting them with the ways of old. Unfortunately nobody knew who this man was or if he really is just a legendary tale. John Frum was never seen again after his life changing advice.

History and current consumptions: {fun stuff}

We invite you to experience many of the traditions of the South Pacific Islands. In particular, we bring you Kava. Kava drinking is one thing that unites all of the South Pacific. It has been consumed for thousands of years and is a key component in the South Pacific culture and can be seen in nearly every facet of their lives. Drinking the ground root of Kava makes you feel very relaxed and at ease and is an alternative to alcohol creating calm tranquile environments.  Traditionally the roots of the plant is ground up into a fine powder and processed with water or coconut juice.

It is a tradition to drink Kava with others, even though it is not required. In Fiji, natives will drink communally by raising their coconut shells of Kava and yell "BULA!" Bula is a term that represents community and means "To Long Life and Good Health."

Scientific Facts:

Kava, also known as Piper Methysticum or the "intoxicating pepper," is a species of plant that is derived from the South Pacific Islands. There are over 80 different types of of Kava plants grown throughout Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, Hawaii and many more. The main component that is extracted from the plant are known as Kavalactones.

In order to feel the effects of the Kavalactones, South Pacific natives comsume the Kava drink for ceremonial and recreational purposes. The effects that the Kavalactones produce are a very calm, relaxing feeling which helps relieve anxiety, stress, insomnia and even muscle tension. Of the varieties of Kava you can drink, some are known to effect only the mind, some will strictly effect the body and some will even have a beautiful mixture of both.

Kava is also a detoxifier as well as a diuretic. The relaxed environment that follows Kava drinkers is unmatched. It is not recommended to mix Kava with Alcohol, Anti Anxiety Medication, Anti Depressants due to side effects that may be unpleasant and damage the liver. If you are pregnant or nursing a child it is also recommended to stay away from Kava.